Looking for Solutions to Challenging Problems back home? Let Homeland Consulting Services help you.

Imagine having shipped a car or personal effects to your home country such as Ghana and need straight and honest answers about import duties, port clearance and other logistical services, or building a house and you entrust a family member to handle your affairs but do not see any progress with the construction despite the monies you keep sending. Thinking of filing U.S. or European immigation papers for your parents, family member or fiancé and need legal or assistance with the process? These are few examples of real frustrating and challenging issues that our competent Service Advisors can assist you with.

What We Can Do For You

Whether you are shipping cars, personal effects, building a house, lost a loved one and need help with funeral arrangements, major family events or just need help dealing with issues that will require your physical presence but you cannot be there personally to handle it. We tailor our services to suit each client’s unique situation. We provide strategic advisory focused on providing cost-effective solutions to your desired needs.

Our Strategy

Our disciplined approach to listening to our clients, putting them front and center, and looking at things from their point of view helps us create solutions to the problems and pain that are sufficiently common to many immigrants living abroad. We are determined to provide our clients satisfactory solutions to their problems.

How To Get Started

Please complete the form below and provide a brief description of your issues and services desired and a qualified Homeland Service Advisor will review and contact you to discuss solutions and estimated cost of services.