What We Do

Homelandshopping.com is a U.S. based one-stop shopping marketplace where foreign nationals living in the United States, Canada, and Europe can access directly virtually any goods and services from retailers located in their respective homelands. Shopping at Homelandsshopping.com eliminates the need to wire or send money through intermediaries to your family or loved one to purchase essential goods and services locally. 

We serve retail and service oriented customer base that continue to grow globally, offering fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) generally classified as necessities, and purchased by consumers on a regular bases. Essential goods, food and beverages, health and personal care, and home care products. Additional products include, electronics and appliances, clothing and accessories, general merchandise and building materials.

Our range of services include, business and financial services, travel, lodging and accommodation, funeral and event planning, shipping and logistics and others.

The pilot phase of this ecommerce platform was started to connect Ghanaian retailers at retail outlets such as Accra Mall, A&C Mall, West Hills Mall and Palace Stores, and service providers with Ghanaian nationals living in the United States to have direct access to purchase and pay for local goods and services for their loved ones. Subsequent countries will include other African nations such Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Kenya, Egypt, and Ethiopia, also Caribbean and the Latin Americas.    

Our Story

After 30 plus years of migrating to the US and having to provide financial support for families and loved ones living in their homeland of Ghana, by means of money transfers and shipments of goods, the founding partners, Stanley Addo, a financial industry veteran, and George Oseikwame, a serial entrepreneur, realized the need to eliminate the additional expense of money transfer fees and shipping costs by providing a means for the thousands of other Ghanaians living outside the country, a convenient and secure way to purchase the same goods and services locally from Ghanaian retailers and service providers and have it delivered to their loved ones without the added cost and headaches of shipping logistics.

The globalization of commerce and open ports has made it possible for the same goods and services to be available locally at nearly the same price as foreign markets.

Since the local retailers are less widespread, Homelandshopping.com has the opportunity to collaborate with these retailers to offer our customers more choices in products and services all under one roof.

Our Mission

At Homelandshopping.com, the need for convenience drives our mission. We achieve our mission by giving our suppliers and customers the platform that provides easy access to a wider selection of products and services across borders. As technology is part of our daily lives, we are constantly finding new ways to get what our customers want, when and how they want it, by reaching across borders and channels for shopping experiences that provide unprecedented choices and convenience. We are focused on celebrating your Homeland culture and shopping preferences and committed to providing the best in class customer service in addition to working with only the most reliable and trustworthy local retail partners and service providers.